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Enhance your outreach through Braze by integrating with LILT’s powerful translation services. Seamlessly localize your campaigns to resonate with diverse audiences across the globe.

  • Effortlessly translate your messages, ensuring that your content in Braze, including email campaigns are accurately localized.

  • Access over 60 languages to precisely target and engage your desired audience segments.

  • Verify translations beforehand to maintain brand consistency and message accuracy, ensuring your content aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

Getting started

Braze API Key

  1. Sign in to your Braze Account

  2. Generate a Braze API key here and provide LILT with key via an email to

  3. Enable all permissions under template

  1. Set up LILT Tags: Settings > Manage Tags > Add New Tag

    1. LILT: Ready

      1. Indicates projects that are ready to be sent to LILT for translation

    2. LILT: In progress

      1. Indicates projects that are being pulled into LILT

    3. LILT: Sent to LILT

      1. Projects that are currently going through the LILT localization workflow

    4. LILT: Delivered

      1. Projects that have been delivered back to LILT

    5. LILT: Needs Attention

      1. Projects that have an error and need the user to fix before submitting to LILT

Braze API Base URL.

  1. Grab this information from your API endpoint:

How to send content for translation

  1. Select the pages or content you want to translate.

  2. Choose “LILT: Ready" from the tags you created above. From there, the LILT connector will pick up new jobs every 15 minutes (the timing can be less frequent) with this tag.

    1. If you want only send one language at a time, you will need to create a new Language-only tag, such as LILT: Translate de-DE

  3. If you’d like to submit for Instant Translation instead of Verified Translation, add the LILT: Instant tag

  4. When the content translation is in progress, the status will show as LILT: In Progress

  5. When the content translation is delivered back to Braze, the status will show as LILT: Delivered

  6. When the content translation process has an error or issue in delivery, the status will show as LILT: Needs Attention

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