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Connector Login Credentials

Below are useful scripts and CLI commands to setup and manage connector applications. A proper connector deployment has about 9 services but the manager-ui is the most important. It provides the admin UI portal for a user to create connectors, trigger a job and create organizations.

Connector services:

  • beehive

  • configuration-api

  • events-consumer

  • login

  • manager-ui

  • monitor

  • plugin-api

  • token-proxy

  • webhooks

  • webhooks-consumer

Create user credentials for UI portal

The admin portal UI doesn't have the capability to add users with buttons and also it doesn’t manage user privileges. To put it briefly, every user is an admin. There is python command tools.manage_users for creating login users.

python -m tools.manage_users create --username <name> --password <pass>

NOTE: You must run the script inside one of the connectors Kubernetes pods, preferably the manager-ui pod.

First display all the running connectors pods from your kubernetes namespace

$ kubectl get pods -n <NAMESPACE>

# output
lilt-manager-ui-dcfddd97c-5xd26                    1/1     Running     5 (11h ago)   11h
lilt-monitor-58df986bc9-c86d9                      1/1     Running     5 (11h ago)   11h
lilt-plugin-api-5b9f4c6f4f-mc5jt                   1/1     Running     5 (11h ago)   11h
lilt-token-proxy-fb997f96b-pql9m                   1/1     Running     0             11h
lilt-webhooks-85475cc977-wzqfw                     1/1     Running     5 (11h ago)   11h
lilt-webhooks-consumer-7c98b956f8-pz67p            1/1     Running     0             11h

You can now attach your console to the manager-ui pods

$ kubectl exec -it lilt-manager-ui-dcfddd97c-5xd26 bash

Create a login user admin with password admin

python -m tools.manage_users create --username admin --password admin

Now go to your browser and login to portal, you should see:

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