Lilt Insights is a great way to see how productive your organization is. The In-App Insights give you access to organization-wide information such as time taken to translate, amount of words translated, and other useful statistics that help to evaluate the value and productivity of your workers.

Enabling In-App Insights

To make the Lilt In-App Insights visible, go to the Organization tab, open the Settings page and toggle on the option for View Embedded App Insights. When toggled on, the Insights tab will be available to all members whose roles permit them to view reports. This includes the Default Roles of Administrator and Manager, as well as any Custom Roles created that have the View reports permission toggled on.

Reading In-App Insights

When In-App Insights are turned on, navigate to the Insights tab to view the insight information.

By default, the Insights page displays information for all Projects, but you can filter this to only display information for specific projects. You can also designate a specific time period to pull data from.

Top of the Insights page

  • Words to date: Total number of words translated to date.
  • Words in selected period: Total number of words translated in the selected time period.
  • Average turnaround in selected period: Within the selected period, the average time taken to send a document to Lilt and have its localized version returned.
  • Average turnaround for the previous year: Average time taken during the previous calendar year to send a document to Lilt and have its localized version returned.

Total volume over time

This section displays a chart of the total number of words processed, broken down by month.

Total volume by language

The bottom section of the Insights page displays the total number of words translated for each language pair with the following information:

  • Volume #: Total volume of words translated.
  • Turnaround: Average turnaround time for localizations in that language pair.
  • TM Leverage: Percentage of words translated that are In-Context Exact or Exact matches for phrases already in Translation Memory.
  • Volume: Percentage of all words translated that were translated in this pair.