In Lilt Insights for Services Customers, three distinct reports provide insight into translation projects, language pairs, and more. A series of interactive dashboards embedded within a Tableau report allows Lilt customers to leverage usage data to make better business decisions.

Lilt Insights V2 is a Tableau report containing the following workbooks:

  • Volume and Leverage
  • Cost Data

These dashboards allow customers to closely monitor total volume localized, TM leverage, performance across specific projects or periods of time, and more.

The cost dashboard allows customers to closely monitor their spending (overall and by language) to ensure they are optimally managing their budget and appropriately investing in strategic priorities.

Lilt Insights V2 is designed for Services Customers who don't have an existing business intelligence tool. These workbooks currently only work in Tableau Desktop 2019.4.


Volume: A window into the efficiency of your localization organization.

  • Words to Date: Total number of words translated to date.
  • Words in a Selected Period: Total number of words translated in a [user defined] period of time.
  • Average Turnaround Time in [current year]: The average time taken to send a document to Lilt and have the localized version returned. This data is for the YTD.
  • Average Turnaround Time in Selected Period: The average time taken to send a document to Lilt and have its localized version returned in the selected time period.
  • Total Volume Over Time: A visualization showing the total volume of words localized (across all languages) for your organization. The period selectors can be used to control the timeframe

Leverage: Understand the incidence of 100% matches from the Translation Memory in overall project metrics.

  • Volume #: The total volume of words translated.
  • Leverage by language: Visibility into which languages have the most and least leverage.
  • Turnaround: The average turnaround by language pair.
  • TM Leverage: The percentage of words translated that are In-Context Exact or Exact matches for phrases already in the Translation Memory.
  • Volume: The percentage of all words translated for a particular language pair.

Cost Workbook

Analyze the savings Lilt brings to your organization’s localization efforts.

  • Commit vs. Spend: Compare what your organization committed to spend vs. actual spend to better understand the leverage Lilt is providing.
  • Cost by Language: Understand your spend on a per-language basis.

Filter by Date

By default, the Volume + Leverage and Cost Data workbooks display data from year-to-date (YTD). Insights provides users with the ability to adjust the time period for the data to be displayed.

Filter by Project

By default, the Volume + Leverage and Cost Data workbooks display data for all projects within a customer's organization, but it is possible to search for and select one or many projects to use to splice and dice your data.

This can be accomplished by selecting the Project dropdown to the left of the Date selector.