This article provides an entry point for translators into both the Lilt application and the Lilt Knowledge Base.

To help solidify your knowledge, follow along in the Lilt application as you read through the various articles listed below.

Core concepts

Learn the core features you will need in order to perform the role of translator in Lilt:

  1. Introduction to Lilt Translate
  2. Translating Documents
  3. Segment State Indicators
  4. Segment Comments
  5. Split & Merge Segments
  6. Tags & Formatting
  7. Non-Translatables
  8. Bi-Directional Text Marks
  9. Translation Memory Suggestions
  10. Machine Translation
  11. Hotkeys

Advanced concepts

Learn to use Lilt's tools to make your translation process more efficient:

Learn the ins and outs of Lilt's automated translation features to know how your team's translations might be automatically leveraged to speed up translation: