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Lilt Translator Summit

This article contains videos from Lilt’s Translator Summit 2021, where Lilt provided its dedicated community of linguists and services managers a forum to discuss some of the most important challenges and opportunities facing linguists today.

Conference Kickoff

Paula Shannon (Chief Evangelist at Lilt) kicked off Lilt's inaugural Translator Summit by discussing the summit agenda and providing fun facts about the history of localization.


Conference Keynote

Spence Green (CEO of Lilt) highlights recent shifts in the localization industry and discusses the role Lilt linguists are playing in that shift.


Translator Career and Skillset Diversification

Independent translator and author Jost Zetzsche speaks to diversification as an attractive component of any career description for technical translators.


Lilt Translator Stories

Hear life and career stories from Lilt linguists who have built a career in translation and localization.



Lilt Platform Tips and Tricks

Members of the Lilt Product team (Kara Smith and Uladzimir Dzmitrachkou) present a product demo and behind-the-scenes look at the build of the Lilt Translate.


Lilt Translator Advisory Panel

Paula Shannon (Chief Evangelist at Lilt) leads the Lilt Translator Advisory Panel through a discussion surrounding some of the most important challenges facing linguists today.

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