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LILT Workflows

What is LILT Workflows?

High Level Feature Breakdown

  • Jobs/projects are required to have a workflow selected

  • Documents now have statuses

  • Document level statuses are based on the workflow applied at the project level. Projects must be assigned one of the four workflows below:

    1. Translate

    2. Translate > Review

    3. Translate > Review > Customer Review

    4. Translate > Customer Review

    5. AI > Review

    6. AI > Review > Customer Review

  • Review cannot start until the translator marks the document as done.

    • AI > Review starts automatically processing the AI translation step. Once the AI step is completed, the Review step can be started.

  • Customer reviewers cannot access the document until the document is ready for customer review (doc status = Customer review)

  • Added new tab to revision reports to capture feedback from customer reviewers

Selecting a workflow

Any job/project is required to have a workflow.

You can choose to have projects with different workflows under the same job

On the Jobs page, you can see if a job has projects all with the same workflow assigned or if there are different workflows assigned per project.

For added visibility, you can see which workflow was selected at the top of the Documents page

Document Status

Document statuses automatically update based on user actions as illustrated below.

Users with the permission to create/edit jobs and projects (like Production Managers) can manually change the document status. This can be used if you want to skip a step in the flow.

For translator roles, the document status does not appear editable and cannot be manually changed.

User Assignment & Workflows

The workflow selected affects the number of users you can assign at the project/document level.

For example, you can assign two users if you select the Translate > Review workflow. Three if you select the Translate > Review > Customer Review workflow or only one if you select the Translate workflow.

Document level user assignment. Project is using the Translate > Review workflow. (you can’t have documents with different workflows. they all use the workflow assigned at the project level)

Project level assignment. Project is using the Translate only workflow.

New Organization Settings

We added three new organization settings to support the release of LILT Workflows. They can be found by navigating to Organization > Settings> Workflow settings.

Default workflow

  • Any jobs/projects will be created with the default workflow unless specified otherwise.

View comments

  • When toggled ON, anyone assigned as a customer reviewer to a document can see the comments left behind by a translator or reviewer in the CAT editor.

Reject documents

  • When toggled ON, this allows reviewers and customer reviewers to reject a document they are reviewing. This changes the document state to the previous step in the workflow. For example, if the workflow was Translate > Review > Customer Review and the customer reviewer rejected the document the document status would change from ‘Customer review’ to ‘Review’. Similarly, if the same workflow was used but the reviewer rejected the document the document status would change to ‘Translate’.

  • To avoid negatively impacting OTD, please leave this setting turned OFF if the organization belongs to a Production customer.


When should I use a workflow with the Customer Review stage?

The customer review stage in LILT is only meant for customer review performed inside LILT’s CAT editor. If you are doing customer review offline (outside of LILT) please do not select a workflow that has the customer review stage included.

What should I do if a notification appears that MT is in progress?

This means that either the AI step or pre-translation is being completed. Once either is complete, the workflow will automatically advance to the next stage.

What if I want to change a project’s workflow?

You can only change a project’s workflow if the project is in the ‘Ready to start’ stage. This means that not a single document in the project has been opened.

To change the workflow, navigate to ‘Assign’ from the Active projects page.

You should be able to open up the workflow dropdown and select a different workflow


Any job/project created via connector will be assigned the organizations default workflow. The ability to assign a different workflow depending on the connector will come in a future feature release.

Please note that after the connector brings the project into LILT, you can change the workflow that is assigned to that project ONLY if all the documents in that project have a status of ‘Ready to start’. This means not a single document in that project has been opened. As soon as any document is opened, you cannot change the workflow for that project.

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