Lilt Pro account

Each Liltlancer is given a Lilt Pro account. While you cannot share your Lilt Pro account with others, your Lilt account can be used for whatever you like, including projects outside your scope with Lilt.

The features of Lilt Pro accounts are limited:

  • Personal Jobs and Projects you create cannot be viewed or accessed by anyone else. You are treated as the manager of these Jobs and Projects, which allows you to adjust all their settings. However, since no one is able to access your personal Jobs/Projects, you cannot assign translation tasks.
  • You will be unable to use any organization Lilt Memories for your own projects. Instead, you will need to create and manage your own Lilt Memories for use in any personal translation projects.

To determine which Jobs you are the owner of, check the Jobs List page for the drop-down action menu next to each Job. This dropdown only shows up for Jobs you are the owner/manager of.