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The LILT + Memsource connector enables companies to automatically push and pull web content between Memsource and LILT, saving you time by providing seamless localization while letting you continue to work in the systems and workflow you already know.

The Memsource connector supports:

  • Job submission via Memsource: Create a new Job in LILT by creating aJob in Memsource and assigning it to the LILT vendor account.

  • Job progress monitoring: Within Memsource, you can check whether a task has been retrieved by the LILT connector and whether the task has been delivered back into Memsource.

  • Job delivery to Memsource: Once content is localized in LILT, LILT delivers the localized content back to Memsource for approval.


To set up your LILT + Memsource connector:

  1. Add LILT as a Vendor to your Memsource account using vendor token: 214394-MifsZ-Z9pp6

  2. Email and notify them you would like to connect your Memsource account to LILT

  3. The LILT solutions team will follow up to configure the connection


Once the connector is configured, content is moved between LILT and Memsource as outlined below.

Job creation

Customers can send content to LILT for localization by sharing a project with the LILT vendor account. When all of the jobs are ready for translation, change the project status to assigned. The connector periodically checks for assigned projects, and pulls content into LILT for localization.

Job completion

Once the content has been localized in LILT, it is automatically delivered back to the Memsource project, and the job and project statuses are updated to Completed.

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