We absolutely understand that knowing how payments are made is central to your work with Lilt. As such, we'd like to share some FAQs regarding payments.

How and when do you pay linguists?

We send payments through Payoneer every Tuesday, Pacific Standard Time. Linguists must set up a Payoneer account in order to work with us.

Where do I send my invoices?

No invoicing on your end is needed. Payments are sent out via Payoneer on a semi-monthly basis. Our pay period is semi-monthly (1st-15th; 16th- last day of month), and we issue payouts for this work
semi-monthly. Your payout is calculated by automatic tracking of all work done in the app since the last payday, and each payout includes a paystub with a work summary and a payment breakdown.

If you need to send invoices for your own purposes, below are Lilt’s company details:

Company name: Lilt Inc
Address: PO Box 20391 Stanford California, 94309
EIN number: 47-3352617

You can send your invoice to the Payments Team via our Lilt Help Center.

When does each pay period start?

We have two pay periods. From the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the last day of each month.

What if I'm halfway through a document during the cutoff?

We pay for documents confirmed before the cutoff time.

I completed less than $20 worth of work this week and I didn't receive a payment. Why not?

The minimum payment we can issue is $20USD. Payments under $20USD will roll over to the next payment period and once your payment balance is at or above $20 USD.

Why am I receiving 2 separate payments from Lilt this week?

There are two types of payments. The first one is a payment for ongoing work you do using our Lilt platform. The second payment is for the offline work completed outside Lilt platform. It includes tests review, fixed price assignments, DTP, Language Lead work, etc. We provide paystubs only for the ongoing work.

Help! I didn't receive any payment on payday!

If you didn't receive a payment on a scheduled payday, reach out to the Payments Team via our Lilt Help Center so that our team can look into the issue.

Can you explain the pure hourly payment method?

Sure! We have updated our technology to track time spent by the translators and reviewers working in Lilt platform. This includes time spent in other tabs, for example, checking references, Style Guides and the TSF, as well as time spent moving tags and terminology searches.

Who do I talk to about my payments with Lilt?

We believe in fast and fair payment for your work. For all questions related to payments, please contact our Payments Team via our Lilt Help Center and we will respond within 24 hours.

I would like to be paid a different hourly rate.

Rate change requests are addressed on a case by case basis. To make a request, please send an email to translators@lilt.com.

I'm having trouble setting up my Payoneer account.

You can reach Payoneer support here. If your issue persists, feel free to reach out to translators@lilt.com and we will do our best to help!


Thank you for working with us!