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Project-Specific Questions

Have a project related question?

There may be other translators experiencing similar issues!

Each project-specific Discourse Workspace has a general channel to communicate with all language groups for a particular project.

For questions specific to your language pair, post your queries in your language channel. Language channels will be marked with your target language (example: #customer_ko_ko). Please also keep in mind: there may be a designated Language Lead in your language channel who can answer your question!

When reaching out with questions, it is most helpful to include the following:

  • a specific description of the issue

  • your question

  • screenshots, if applicable

  • link to LILT project URL

Have an urgent project update?

Openly communicating on project updates in real time with LILT and customers is essential to managing deadlines and expectations to keep everyone in the loop!

If you have a deadline update, go ahead and reach out to your Language Lead (if applicable) or to

Please give a detailed, succinct description of your question so we can help as best we can!

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