Required competencies (the following competences are aligned with Lilt’s QMS, as well as ISO 17100: Translation Services Requirements, NB: ‘reviewer’ term in Lilt corresponds to the definition of ‘reviser’ in ISO 17100 (2.2.6)):

  1. all the translator competences defined in the ‘Translator Role and Responsibilities’
  2. revision/review experience in the domain

The reviewer role incorporates the description of a translator role, plus:

  • Thorough reviewing and auditing of the translation.
  • Logging the corresponding error types and commentary in Lilt platform for every revision made.
  • Ensuring that the errors are logged and categorized consistently and fairly in accordance with the Lilt Reviewer Guidelines.
  • Providing clear, coherent and constructive comments to explain the errors and rationale for changes using the comment functionality in Lilt.
  • Resolving any pending comments left by the translator and implementing appropriate corrections.
  • Ensuring the translator’s tasks have been completed.
  • Ensuring the language assets and TSF have been adhered to, including brand guidelines and customer instructions.
  • Communicating with the services team, raising queries, unresolved translator comments, escalating issues, and conveying potential impacts on the delivery in a timely manner.
  • Providing objective data and constructive subjective feedback on the reviewed translation.
  • Ensuring the feedback for translators is in line with the customer requirements and is aimed at continuous improvement of the overall quality of the content.
  • Taking accountability for the received feedback after Language Quality Audit (LQA) and working with the services team to rectify quality non-conformances and implement corrective actions.

SLA (the following SLA terms and definitions are based on Lilt’s QMS, and adopted the translation service requirements of ISO 17100):

  • Product use: The reviewer:
    • is responsible for human quality output
    • shall perform review tasks in Lilt
    • implements corrections, assigning the corresponding error categories and comments
  • Deadlines, turnaround and schedule:
    The reviewer commits to >98% delivery on time, based on pre-agreed delivery schedule. Extension requests to not exceed 5% of project count on a weekly basis.
  • Error rates:
    The reviewer commits to <5% error rate based on Lilt Quality Framework as a result of Language Quality Audit (LQA).
  • Productivity and output:
    Productivity Range as communicated by Services Team.
  • Service Level Commitment:
    The reviewer shall adhere to all translator SLA terms and definitions, as well as:
    • The reviewer shall examine the target language content against the source language content for any errors and other issues, and its suitability for purpose. Corrections can include retranslation.
    • Any errors or other issues affecting target language content quality should be corrected, and the process repeated until both the reviewer and Lilt services team are satisfied.
    • The reviewer shall inform the services team of any corrective actions taken or to be taken.

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