At Lilt, we believe in fast and fair payment for your work.​ ​

We send payments through Payoneer every Tuesday, Pacific Standard Time. This payout includes compensation for all work done in the Lilt app since the last payday.*

Each payout includes a paystub with a work summary and a payment breakdown.

*Please note that Payoneer has a minimum payout amount of $20. If the total payout amount during a given pay period is less than $20, payment for this work will be rolled into the following week's payment. 

Setting up Payoneer

To ensure that Lilt can make payments to your account, please make sure of the following:

  1. You have set up a Payoneer account.
  2. You have linked your account with Lilt by following this link and clicking the Already Have a Payoneer Account? Click Here! popup button.
  3. Your Payoneer email is the same email you used to set up your Lilt account. If not, let us know at

Still struggling to set up Payoneer? Contact for help.