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LILT can integrate with Slack to enable localization managers, project managers, translators, and reviewers to effectively coordinate and communicate together. Localization teams use LILT + Slack to quickly share updates, share style guides, discuss terminology, ask translation questions, and more.


During the process of onboarding a new client, LILT will help identify whether the Slack integration can be used. If it can be used, LILT will set up the Slack integration for the client.


Connect a LILT Project to a Slack Channel

  1. Navigate to the desired Project's Settings page.

  2. Under the General settings section, set the Slack channel to the desired channel.

  3. Click Save settings.

Leaving comments in LILT and Slack

Once a Project has been connected to a Slack Channel, Comments in LILT will automatically be sent to Slack. The Slack comment will include:

  • Project Name

  • Document Name

  • Segment Number

Each item in the Slack comment is a link that will take you to the corresponding Project, Document, or Segment in LILT.

To respond to comments, you can either leave a comment in LILT or select from a set of default responses in Slack, which will be sent back to LILT.

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