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Tableau Setup

Using Lilt Insights with Tableau is a great way to keep watch over the progress and performance of your Lilt projects from moment to moment. Lilt provides Insight reports in the form of Tableau workbooks that display Insight information about your organization's projects, such as:

  • Average turnaround time: The time taken between a document being added to Lilt and the document being returned fully translated.
  • Volume: The total number of words localized across all languages for your organization.
  • Translation memory leverage: The percentage of phrases with exact matches in the associated Lilt Memory.
  • Leverage by language: Information about which languages have the most and least amount of translation memory being leveraged during translation.


1. Download Tableau

Tableau Desktop is available for Windows and Mac. Please note that using Tableau will require a license.

2. Obtain Tableau workbooks

To obtain Lilt’s template Insight workbooks, have your organization’s account manager contact Solutions at:

For a more detailed explanation of the Insights provided in each workbook, see the Insights for Project Managers article.

3. Add your Lilt API key to the Tableau workbooks

Lilt’s Business plan includes API access. Retrieve You API Key by navigating to the Organization tab and open the API Access page on the left sidebar.

Use your API key to connect each Tableau workbook to Lilt by following the steps below:

3.1. Run Tableau.

3.2. Open one of the workbooks (File>Open).

3.3. Navigate to the Data Source worksheet in the bottom-left.

3.4. Open the Data tab, click on New Data Source, and select OData from the list of connectors.

A popup will appear for you to set the OData source server. The source server is used to pull data from Lilt into the Tableau workbook. The server address follows this format:<endpoint_name>?key=<your_api_key>
  • Replace <endpoint_name> with the appropriate word from the list below.
  • Replace <your_api_key> with your Lilt API key.

Each workbook report relies on a different server endpoint name. It is important to use the proper endpoint name when setting up each workbook’s OData server address.

Project StatusProjects
TM LeverageDocuments


  • Workbook: TM Leverage (which uses the Documents endpoint)
  • API key: 65ec77eb369113cd5d9b91b1190bdfeF
  • Server address:

After you have entered the server address, click the Sign In button. If everything has been entered correctly, Tableau will populate the associated worksheet with your organization’s Lilt data. Be sure to save the workbook after adding the OData server address so the workbook continues to work when you open it again in the future.

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