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Translating JSON Files

LILT offers the ability for you to translate JSON files. This article outlines how LILT imports JSON data.


Please reach out to the Production Team at to configure this functionality, as this has to be done on a Project basis.


When uploading JSON files to a Project with JSON uploading enabled, LILT understands that not all content within a JSON file is intended to be translated. When LILT detects this, the content that is not meant to be translated is imported as segment metadata.

Let's look at how LILT would load the following example JSON file:

  "title": "This is the title of something, it's translatable",
  "productKey": "12BCLKJ1283"

LILT will recognize that the title data is translatable and will load it as the segment source text.

LILT will recognize that the productKey data is not translatable, so instead, it is treated as content group metadata. Metadata is displayed within LILT on the individual segments.

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