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Why Lilt?


Lilt is a language service provider that makes translation faster, more accurate, and more affordable for organizations around the world. Lilt provides both translation services and a powerful platform for in-house translation for commercial and government enterprises alike.

For organizations that employ in-house translators, we provide software to make your own translators more accurate and efficient. Government agencies and some large enterprises fall into this category.

For organizations that don't employ in-house translators, we provide a complete, end-to-end translation services solution where we source, vet, and manage the world's best human translators on your behalf, equip them with Lilt's technology to make their work faster and more accurate, and have them work on your organization's content that needs translation. Most businesses fall into this category.

No matter your organization, Lilt ensures your content is translated quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Lilt Manage

Translation projects are first imported into the Lilt Platform through either a natively-built connector, custom-built integrations using our API, or via manual upload. The Lilt Platform integrates with content systems such as your TMS, CMS, knowledge base software, code repo, file sharing tool, and more, automatically pulling new content into Lilt for translation and back out to your systems for publishing.

Once content has arrived in Lilt, a translator, due date, and any existing linguistic assets (such as glossaries, termbases, and translation memories) are assigned to the project. A human translator works using Lilt's cloud-based CAT Tool, Lilt Translate, which leverages our Contextual AI Engine and predicts translations in the interface. As the translator completes work and accepts, amends, or rejects each prediction, the system learns from that feedback and predicts more accurately in real-time.

Unlike most Language Service Providers (LSPs), Lilt does not use Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE), a process where Machine Translation (MT) is used to pre-translate texts for later human correction. Lilt revolutionizes translation by replacing post-editing with Contextual AI that empowers human translators.

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