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Why Translate for Lilt?

Translator-focused technology

Lilt was built with you in mind. You can access our translation platform from a web browser anywhere in the world, and access is free for all qualified freelancers (Liltlancers!).

Lilt shows you predictive suggestions that are custom-tailored to the source content and termbase. Every time you use the tool, its suggestions become more accurate for your translation style. We’ll never ask you to post-edit raw MT output!

Lilt has achieved the unimaginable synthesis between a clean, versatile white sheet of paper and the resourcefulness and convenience of a CAT tool, plus the boost of powerful predictive typing. It’s the ultimate tool for our craftsmanship.
—Georgina Reparado, Spanish Language Lead

Be part of a team

We believe that your best work is done when you have the support you need. Liltlancers are provided with the opportunities to have direct access to our customers and to work in collaborative teams. This helps to get your questions resolved quickly, so you can focus on creating quality work.

Lilt’s engineers, project managers, and sales team want to learn from you. You’ll have opportunities to influence our technology and improve your own experience with us by participating in surveys, case studies, and offering feedback to our team.

Liltlancer Benefits

Fast Payments: Waiting weeks for your compensation is unacceptable, and with Lilt, that’s a thing of the past. We pay translators within 3-5 days of project completion.

Product Support: Our support and translator success team is available to help with your questions 24/7.

Access to Lilt’s technology: Each Liltlancer is given a Lilt account, which can be used for whatever you like, including projects outside your scope with Lilt.

Stable, recurring projects: Working with Lilt means you get to use the same technology for each customer you work with; you don't have to spend time learning different technologies for each different customer. Our services team aims to make working on future projects as predictable as possible.

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