Lilt's Pretranslate feature can translate multiple files in parallel to save you from having to Pretranslate multiple files individually. Grouping documents into Pretranslation batches also significantly increases throughput as compared to submitting files for Pretranslation individually. You can submit batches of files directly in the Lilt application or through the API.

Behind the scenes

Lilt uses GPUs to translate documents for maximum speed. Self-managed customers benefit from the usage of all recognized GPUs in the system. A single batch request may be processed by one or more GPUs, depending on the number of documents and segments in it.

Batch Pretranslation in the Lilt application

1. Navigate into the desired Project and open the Documents page.

2. Click the Select all documents button to select all the Project's Document cards.

3. Click Pretranslate, select the option to Use MT for unmatched segments, and click Pretranslate.

Once submitted for Pretranslation, each Document card will display the text Pretranslating along with a spinner icon. Once Pretranslation is complete, the spinner and Pretranslating text will go away, and the Document card progress indicators will show that the document has been translated.

Batch Pretranslation using the API

You can start machine translation of one or more files that have been previously uploaded by using the /translate/file endpoint and specifying multiple file IDs as documented here. This option bypasses writing data to our database and is useful for pure machine translation workflows. Alternatively, you can use our Pretranslate endpoint here, which is similar to clicking the Pretranslate button in the Lilt application.