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In 2023, LILT built an integration with Google Translate. With this integration, customers can input their GCP credentials and send documents to Google Translate for both instant translation and AI>Review workflows. This integration can:

  • Integrate with Google Translate and pull Google Translate content into LILT

  • Deploy Google Translate content in workflows

  • Send training data back to Google Translate for fine-tuning

Below is a description of how this is completed. 

Configuring Google Translate within LILT is a straightforward process. In LILT’s AI Hub, users upload a Google service account credentials file and specify their bucketname. Once this is complete, a user navigates to LILT Model Hub to create a Google model. Creating a model in LILT sends a request to create an AutoML model within Google. If the user desires, they can send bilingual translations stored in LILT to fine-tune the Google model. A fine-tuned model will produce translations which are more contextually accurate to the bilingual training data.

Once a Google model is created within LILT, it can be used for translating documents and in LILT’s AI>Review workflow. The translation of documents will use an API call to Google to complete a document translation. The AI>Review workflow is similar, but different in that the translated document is parsed into LILT’s CAT editor, where a reviewer can go through and make post-editing modifications as needed.

For more information about LILT third-party integrations and Google specific credentials see the following LILT knowledge base entry:

Appendix A: Google Translate Orchestration in LILT


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