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What is LILT?

LILT combines connectors, artificial intelligence, and advanced human computer interactions to provide an end-to-end localization solution. These technological innovations make our AI translations faster, more accurate, and more affordable for organizations around the world. LILT provides both translation services as well as a powerful platform for in-house translation for commercial and government enterprises alike. 

The LILT Platform

Connectors integrate the LILT platform with multiple different TMS, data stores, and web management systems. Connectors allow LILT to seamlessly integrate with many systems

LILT Translate leverages our Contextual AI Engine to provide predicted translations right within the interface. As linguists complete work and accept, amend, or reject the provided predictions, the system learns from that feedback in real-time to provide more accurate predictions over time. 

The LILT Platform was built specifically with the translator experience in mind. LILT's cloud-based CAT Editor (LILT Translate) provides linguists with all the functionality needed to enable skilled translators to do the best work of their careers quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Verified Translation

Unlike most Language Service Providers (LSPs), LILT does not use Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) for it's Verified Translation service. MTPE is a process where Machine Translation (MT) is used to pre-translate texts for later human correction. LILT Verified Translation revolutionizes translation by replacing post-editing with interactive and adaptive Contextual AI that empowers human translators. This interactive, real-time experience helps linguists create the highest quality translated content for your global audience. 

Interested in demoing LILT? Sign up for a demo at by submitting your email through the Get in Touch form.

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