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How to use LILT Create

To use LILT Create, click on Create on the Home page or from your navigation sidebar.


LILT home page

Select from our pre-trained guided prompt templates.


Prompt template selection page

This brings us to our prompting page, where we will write our prompt and apply settings. Before writing your prompt, you can set and update your preferences. LILT Create leverages centralized settings for all users within an organization, so the content generated matches your selected tone and style guide. For more information on how to apply settings, please reference Settings for LILT Create.


LILT Create prompting page

Prompting LILT Create

LILT Create is setup to guide you through all aspects of prompt writing, making it easier to provide relevant and necessary details. Prompt LILT Create with what you are trying to generate. Identify the specific content you want to create and provide relevant context in a clear and concise manner. If you are using the Training Course prompt template, you will also need to provide information about the intended audience.

The prompt and all other inputs can be written in any language. Content will be created in the target language you select regardless of which language inputs are written in.

The LILT Create Best Practices page provides additional guidance on how to leverage these fields efficiently.

Target language

Select a target language to generate content in. LILT Create supports content generation in over 100 languages.

Data Source

Select a linguistic data source (if available) to send matching segments from your data source as context when generating your content. Your data source selection is limited to ones that match your selected target language.

  • Any existing data sources from your organization will be available. Content created by LILT Create is NOT saved into your data sources, and is therefore not used to populate future translation or creation projects. This one-directional information flow allows LILT Create to focus on creating high-quality content and ensures models used for verified translation workflows are only leveraging human-verified content.

  • LILT Create leverages the target language from an existing language model as a prompt. For example, if you select an existing Data Source that is En_to_Fr, it will leverage your existing model for English to French translations, but it will only leverage target segments (French) and not source segments (English).

  • Glossary terms from your data source will be sent as context if those keywords are found in the prompt. If you would like to specify which words to use in certain cases as you would with a glossary, we also suggest specifying these in the prompt or the style guide (e.g. Always use "crêpe" instead of "pancake"). 

To add additional data sources, please reference the Adding Data Sources section of this Knowledge Base.

Optional fields

  • Include any SEO keywords for your content.

  • Set an approximate word count.

  • Add any structural sections you would like to see in your created content. This can be particularly useful for longer-form types of content, such as blog posts, articles, or training courses.

Generating content

Click “Generate”. LILT Create will take ~30 seconds to generate net-new content based on these prompts. The generated content will save in the Browse Files list for you to access and manage in the future.

Recreating your content

If you are not satisfied with the content that was created, edit any of the parameters on the left and click “Regenerate” again. This will regenerate the content referencing the edits and updates you made to the fields on the left. If you recreate your content, it will overwrite the previously generated text (as well as any edits you made) and create new content from scratch.

Editing your content

Once your content has been generated, you can use the markdown editor to tweak and finalize your content.


LILT Create markdown editor

Renaming your content

To change the title of your content, click on the pencil icon next to “Untitled” at the top of your screen. Enter the new name for your content, and hit “Enter”.


Renaming your LILT Create content

Managing your created content

All of your created content is available in the Browse Files section. From here, you can view your generated content, and edit, rename, or delete files by using the dropdown arrow next to the “Edit” button.


LILT Create Browse Files

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