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LILT Domains

LILT provides administrators the ability to group models into Domains which can control what models a user can select.

To create a Domain, navigate into Manage, click Domains in the sidebar, and click + New domain.


Next enter your Domains title.


Once the Domain is created, select Edit on the Domain's row. This will bring you into the model window where you can rename the Domain and add or remove models. To add or remove models, simply click Assign Models and begin to select individual models.


Finally, if desired you can limit a user’s model selections to be within a specific Domain during job creation. To do this, open Users under the Manage tab, and select edit for the individual user. Once that user's permissions are open, select the desired Domain. Once saved, that user will only be able to select models within the assigned Domain.

If no Domain is selected, the default permission will allow a User to utilize any model within your organization.


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