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Team Resources

This article explains how Jobs and Data Sources are accessible to different team members of an organization.

Jobs accessibility

Jobs are owned by individuals, but when a manager of an organization creates a Jobs, the Job is treated as a resource of the organization (even if the manager leaves the organization). Below are all the rules for Job accessibility.

Role accessibility:

  • Current organization administrators and managers can access all the organization’s Jobs.

  • Translators and reviewers can only access Jobs they are assigned to (regardless of what organization they are in).

Job creation:

  • Jobs created by current administrators and managers of the organization are treated as the organization’s Jobs.

  • Jobs created by translators and reviewers are always treated as private Jobs that are not accessible to the organization.

  • Jobs created by any user while they are not part of the organization are treated as private Jobs that are not accessible to the organization. Even if the user later joins the organization, Jobs created before joining remain private.

Data Source accessibility

Jobs created by current organization members (including translators and reviewers) can leverage any Data Sources the organization has available.

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