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Organization Settings

LILT provides organizations with several settings that can be tweaked to streamline the translation process in the way that works best for your organization.

To find the settings, navigate to the settings gear  on the left sidebar.

Organization settings are broken down into the following sections:

  • Translate / CAT Editor

  • Workflow

  • Assignment

  • Style guide

  • API


Organization settings menu

The options within the Settings page affect all users and projects across your organization. Changing settings will affect your session immediately and will take effect for other organization members when they refresh their page.

Translate / CAT Editor


Translate / CAT Editor

If the Allow Copy/Paste setting is set to "Warn", linguists will get the below popup if they copy/paste content from outside of the LILT Platform into the CAT editor.

Allow copy/paste

If the AI suggestions are set to "LILT Contextual AI", linguists will see suggestions in both the CAT and the CAT sidebar. If suggestions are set to "None", there will be no suggestions. "None" is typically used when a translation needs zero MT bias. 

Workflow settings

The Workflow settings section allows you to set the default settings for new Projects created within your organization. These settings can be overridden on a per-Project basis from the Project Settings page of existing Projects, and are grouped into three sections: General, Review, and Create.


Workflow - General


Workflow - Review

Please reference the Review Sampling page for more information.


Workflow - Create

Allow unlocking locked segments

Unlocking locked segments allows for any role to unlock and update locked segments during the selected workflow stage(s). This is intended as a safety valve specifically for Reviewers and Customer Reviewers if errors are spotted during their review so they can quickly and easily correct any errors present, instead of needing to manually update Data Sources. After making any changes to a locked segment, the segment will be re-accepted and will no longer appear as locked. Any changes made will update the data source, auto-propagate to other exact matches in the document, and update in other translations in progress. The default status for this setting is OFF.

Note: While this setting can be applied to any workflow stage, the vast majority of organizations who use this setting will only have Customer Review selected. While there is an option to set this for the Translate and Review workflow stages, this should only be used in extreme circumstances as it can affect linguist payments.

Assignment settings

When a linguist is assigned to a document, they are automatically sent an email notification. Whatever content is in the Organization level instructions field will be included in all assignment emails for the organization. This is a great place to include:

Assignment settings

Note that assignment instructions can also be added at the Project level, as described in the Project Settings article.

Style guide

LILT’s style guide contains settings that are used for LILT Create and AI Review. Additionally, the style guide is available to linguists as part of Reference Materials and displayed directly within the CAT editor sidebar. Default values are applied, which can then be customized at the organization level as needed. Changes are saved on a field change. When a toggle switch is activated to indicate “Yes”, an open text box appears to provide additional specifics as needed.

LILT Create - The LILT Create prompt is customized with all inputs from the style guide to provide context for content generation. To access the style guide from LILT Create, users can click on “Update your settings for LILT Create”, which will open the style guide in a new tab.

AI Review - The AI Review scoring and automated revisions are customized with all inputs from the style guide, with the exception of the Formatting section, as those require document-level and external source context.

The style guide is broken down into six sections:

  • General

  • Terminology

  • Conventions

  • Style

  • Special rules

  • Formatting


Style guide - General


Style guide - Terminology


Style guide - Conventions


Style guide - Style


Style guide - Special rules


Style guide - Formatting


The API section is used to access and rotate your LILT API key. More information is available in our API documentation.


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