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Segment State Indicators

The segment state indicators within Lilt Translate display the state of each segment to translators and reviewers at a glance, allowing them to spend their time efficiently when working within Lilt Translate.

Translation indicators

When a translator confirms a segment, a single checkmark icon

is displayed on the left side of the confirmed segments. This icon indicates that the segment is confirmed and ready for review. Unconfirmed segments do not have any checkmarks.

Review indicators

Once a reviewer starts working on the document, they will see segments with

single checkmarks, indicating that those segments are ready for review. When a reviewer accepts a segment, the icon will convert to
double checkmarks in a solid green circle.

If Review Sampling is enabled, segments that are not included in the review sample are marked with a padlock icon in a gray circle. Reviewers can still make changes to these segments. 

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