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Workflows for Translators

Project Opportunities

Lilt currently supports translation between English and 74 different languages. We work with a variety of content types, from marketing, to user interface, to technical hardware manuals.

We aim to provide our freelance translators with consistent, recurring work opportunities. This means most of our customers are large companies with high-volume translation needs.

Lilt aims to pair you with the perfect project team based on your language pair, direction, and content specialization. When a match is found, Lilt will send you an email with the assignment as well as an overview of the project.


Payments at Lilt are fast and convenient. We’ve partnered with Payoneer to release payments semi-monthly. Your payment covers any project delivered since the last payout date, meaning you don’t have to wait for months after you’ve done the work to get paid. Please visit our Payment Policy page to learn more.

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