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Program Insights

We're excited to present the Program Insights dashboard which provides in-depth insights into your operations. This user-friendly tool offers customizable visualizations of vital metrics and strategic insights, empowering you to make key decisions and optimize your Localization/AI strategy.

Program Insights:


Use the filters at the top of the page to slice and dice your Program Insights.

Select projects, language pairs, project stage, or time ranges to slice displayed data. Use icon in top left to restore defaults

  • Project name: Select individual projects

  • Language Pair: Select individual language pairs

  • Stage: Select from following:

    • Created

    • In Translation

    • In Review

    • In Customer Review*

    • Project Complete

  • Date (project due date): Select time range for projects

*Note the list will depend on your organization’s workflows.

Overview & Language Breakdown

Select language to see detailed view, click blank space to reset view

At a quick glance, understand the language breakdown of your localization program.

  • Overview

    • Total Word Count = Total source words for selected languages and time period

    • Total Project Count = Total projects for selected languages and time period

    • Active Projects = Active projects for selected language and time period

  • Visual Insights

    • Language Breakdown, percentage of target languages

    • Target Language Breakdown, number of monthly projects per target language pair

Use these charts and metrics to understand how your language needs have changed over time.

TM Leverage, Volume and Savings

Click on individual time periods to see details, click on blank space to revert to defaults

Want to see the value of your translation assets?

See the leverage percent Here you will be able to clearly see how much savings you receive directly as a result of our Contextual AI platform month over month.

  • Overall TM Leverage

    • Shows the % of incoming source words where leverage was used. Demonstrating the value of your language assets.

  • TM Savings

    • This represents the dollar amount saved as a result of your translation memory.

TM Leverage by Language, monthly trend

Click on individual languages to see clear breakdowns, click on blank space to reset

See the percentage of source words where leverage was used, broken down by target language over time.

Translated Words by Target Language


See the volume of translated words, broken down by target language over time.

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