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LILT Manage

Project management controls for production service managers and localization engineers

The LILT Manage page is crafted to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of key operational tasks within your account, focusing on detailed analytics, data and translation model management, and configuration of AI models. Data Analytics allows for a deep dive into the analytics of all active and delivered projects, providing essential job statistics for comprehensive performance analysis. Data Sources establishes a centralized control for data, streamlining the organization and management of your information, including Translation Memories, Termbases, Glossaries, and more. Meanwhile, the Model Hub and AI Hub concentrate on the meticulous oversight and fine-tuning of AI models, including Language Learning Models (LLMs), to guarantee optimal performance. This holistic approach is tailored to ensure that every aspect of your LILT account, from in-depth analytics to advanced AI operations, functions seamlessly and effectively.

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