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LILT + Sharepoint connector enables companies to automatically push and pull content between Sharepoint and LILT. This saves you time by providing seamless localization while letting you continue to work in the systems you know.


The SharePoint LILT connector is an integration tool designed to streamline the content translation process between SharePoint and LILT. This connector inherits its core functionalities from the base FileSystem connector, making it consistent with other filesystem-based connectors such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and git. Additionally, it supports WebDAV connections, offering flexibility in terms of API usage and authentication methods.

Setup Summary

Setting up the SharePoint LILT connector involves several critical steps:

  1. SharePoint Add-In Creation: The customer must create a SharePoint Add-In within their SharePoint instance to facilitate secure interactions.

  2. Credential Sharing: The customer provides LILT with the Client ID and Client Secret of the Add-In.

  3. Connector Configuration: These credentials are then used to configure the connector along with other workflow-specific settings.

Features and Workflows

The SharePoint x LILT connector supports a range of features and workflows that enhance productivity and translation management:

  • File Import/Export: Utilizes SharePoint folders for importing source documents and exporting translated files.

  • Flexible File Handling: Includes patterns to specify which files to include or exclude during the synchronization process.

  • Advanced Path Mapping: Uses templates to determine export paths for files based on file type, target language, and other attributes.

  • Automated Memory Management: Automatically creates translation memories for new language pairs, facilitating ongoing translation efforts.

  • Customizable Workflows: Supports various translation workflows like direct translation, review phases, and customer reviews, configurable per project needs.

  • Integration with LILT API: Leverages the LILT API for seamless translation management, supporting features like pretranslation and use of translation memories.

Additional Capabilities

  • Error Handling and Notifications: Configurable to send error messages and notifications through Slack, enhancing monitoring and response times.

  • Security and Authentication: Secure OAuth implementation for authentication with the SharePoint instance, ensuring data integrity and security.

This connector is designed to be robust and adaptable, fitting seamlessly into the organizational workflows of SharePoint users who require efficient, scalable translation solutions.

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