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LILT + Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) connector enables companies to automatically push and pull web content between AEM and LILT. This saves you time by providing seamless localization while letting you continue to work in the systems you know.

Watch this 5-minute overview to see what LILT + AEM can do for you. 🎥


During the onboarding process, LILT's Solution team will set up the connector in your AEM instance to use the LILT Translation Method you've selected:

  • Instant Translation: Immediately localize content into any desired language using LILT's Contextual AI.

  • Verified Translation: Send AEM content to LILT's in-house translators for localization.


Once the connector is configured, content is moved between LILT and AEM as outlined in the sections below.

Project creation

  1. Create a Project: In AEM, click Create > Project and then choose the Translation Project template.

    1. Configure the project with Basic details, then navigate to the Advanced tab.

    2. Multi-select the target languages.

    3. Select LILT as the Translation Provider.

    4. Choose “Human Translation” for translation method, (even if you want to use Instant Translation through LILT!)

    5. If you use both LILT Verified and LILT Instant, select the associated Cloud Configuration. If you only use one workflow, you may not have one, and that’s okay. For questions about your Cloud Configuration naming or help setting up these configurations, please reach out to your LILT Account team.

    6. Confirm that the Translation Provider Credentials are populated. If they are not, you may need configuration support. Reach out to your LILT account team for help.

    7. Click Create

  2. Add pages to the Project: Navigate back to the project list and open the newly created project.

    1. Click Add > Assets / Pages

      1. NOTE: Ensure that you’re in the section of your site that is in “Language Masters” and your selected source language.

    2. Choose Create Language Copy

    3. Select the pages you would like to send to LILT for translation

  3. Start the Project: Navigate back to the project view and click Start in the Translation Job menu (found by clicking the carrot symbol next to "Translation Job". This will send your content to LILT and automatically create Jobs in LILT to be translated.

Project monitoring

  1. Monitor Progress: You can monitor the progress of your translation in AEM under the State column on the project details page.

Project completion

  1. Review and Publish Translations: Once a translation is complete, you will see the Status: “Ready for Review”.

    1. From the File view in the Project, click the translated page file and select Preview in Sites to view the translated page before publishing.

    2. Click Accept Translation to publish the translated page and complete the Project.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

  • I’m seeing source text in the final target. What do I do?

    • Make sure you selected pages from the Language Masters section. NOT the target language. Target language is set in the advanced settings during project creation.

  • My project status says “Translation in Progress”, but file statuses are mixed with some stating they are ready for review. What do I do?

    • In this scenario, it’s likely that there has been an error that caused the link between AEM and LILT to be out of sync. Contact your LILT Account team for support, or submit a request directly to our Support agents through our Help Center.

  • My source files have been updated since they were sent to LILT.

    • Notify your LILT Account team of any source changes. They will work with you to ensure the correct content is translated and returned for your projects.

  • I need to cancel an order I sent to LILT for translation.

    • Notify your LILT Account team immediately for any cancellations.

  • We do our final quality reviews in AEM or another platform (not LILT). We have notes for some changes we would like to implement in the files and memories in LILT. What do I do?

    • Contact your LILT Account team. If a delivered project has required changes, they will walk you through steps to cancel the project in AEM so that LILT can redeliver the files after implementing your noted modifications.

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