Users with the Default Roles of Admin or Manager are able to use their organization's Translation Memories in Instant Translate. However, users with the default roles of Translator or Reviewer are not able to use the organization's Translation Memories in Instant Translate. Translators and Reviewers are only able to use Lilt's Default Translation Memories, but if you would like them to be able to use all of the Translation Memories in the organization, you will need to create a custom role for your translators and reviewers.

Follow the instructions in the Custom Roles article to set up a custom role. For a role to be able to access all Translation Memories in Instant Translate, make sure to enable the permission to View Memories, as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you have created the custom role, follow the instructions in the Reassigning Roles article to assign the new custom role to the desired users. These users will now be able to see all of your organization's Translation Memories in the Instant Translate Memory selection dropdown: