Lilt comes with four default roles to help you easily manage your translation team within Lilt: administrator, manager, translator, and reviewer.

This article outlines the permissions for each of the default roles. If you need to add additional roles, you can create them using Custom Roles.

Job and Project permissions

This permission table applies to Jobs and Projects created by administrators and managers of the organization. Jobs and Projects created by translators and reviewers are treated as private projects that aren’t accessible by the organization. Read more about this in the Team Resources article.

AdministratorManagerTranslator / ReviewerCustomer ReviewerCustomer
View Jobs112
Create/edit Jobs
View Projects122
Create/edit Project
Manage documents
Edit documents in Translate or Review mode11
Assign tasks to translators and reviewers
Upload files
Download files
View reports
Edit Source Segment

1Translators and reviewers can only view jobs/projects they have been assigned to.

2 Can only see project information, no personal identifiers about linguists assigned.

Memory permissions

AdministratorManagerTranslator / ReviewerCustomer ReviewerCustomer
View Lilt Memories
Create/edit Lilt Memories
View terminology data
Create/edit terminology data

Role permissions

AdministratorManagerTranslator / ReviewerCustomer ReviewerCustomer
Create/edit team members1
Manage integrations
Create/edit roles

1Managers cannot create or edit administrators.

Organization permissions

AdministratorManagerTranslator / ReviewerCustomer ReviewerCustomer
View API key

Create/edit API key
View organization settings
Create/edit organization settings
View user visibility¹

¹ Read more about the View user visibility option in the Custom Roles article.