Managers and Administrators have the ability to add members to an organization. Note that managers cannot add administrators.

To add a member to your organization, navigate to the Organization tab and click on the New member button to bring up the form for inviting users to your organization.

In the popup form, input the email address of the user you want to add and select the role you want them to have within the organization.

You can invite multiple members at once by clicking the Add another member button to add additional user fields to the popup form.

Once you have added emails and selected roles for all the users you want to add, click the Invite button to invite them to the organization. This will send an email from to each user with instructions for setting up their Lilt account.

Once a member has been invited, they will show up under the Members page with the text “Invitee (pending)” under the Name column.

If a member is unable to locate their invitation email, click the Resend invitation button to send another invitation email from Lilt to their displayed email address.

After a member has accepted your invitation and set up their account, they will show up as a normal user on the Members page with their Name populated (if available). Users can set their display name on the Account page.