Below are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding role-based access control. If you see something that isn't answered, write us at!


Can a Project's ownership be changed once it has been created?

No. However, if the Project was created by a user with organization permissions to create Projects, the primary owner of the Project is the organization, not the user. That means that if the user who created the Project is removed from the organization, the organization still has full control over the Project and the user no longer has control of the Project.

Are Projects created by Translators or Reviewers private?

Yes, projects created by Translators or Reviewers are effectively private. No-one else (including admins) can see them.

Can administrators see all projects?

No, administrators cannot see projects created by users who do not have organization permissions to create Projects (which by default are translators and reviewers).


Is it possible to force assign people such that they do not need to accept?

No, currently, assignees must accept or reject assignment.

Can assignment be performed at the Project level rather than Document level?

No, assignments are at the Document level. However, it is possible to batch assign all documents in a Project in either of the following ways:

  • From the Projects List page, click a Project's action dropdown menu and then click the Assign option.

  • Open a Project to the Documents page, click the “Select all” option, and then clicking Assign (as described in the Bulk Document Actions article).


Is self-organization possible in the permissions model?

The permissions model is top-down; i.e., there is no self-organization.

Does the API support user and role management?

No, there is currently no API support for user and role management; this is only available in the UI. However, don't hesitate to write us if this is a feature you need!