Lilt makes it easy for you to manage all your Projects from the Projects list page. Opening any Job takes you to the Projects list page for that Job. The Projects list page contains the following sidebar pages:

  • Active Projects
  • Delivered Projects
  • Archived Projects
  • Deliver: Used to mark the Job and all its Projects as done.
  • Job Settings: Used to adjust the Job settings.

This article discusses the tools available to project managers on the following pages: Active Projects, Delivered Projects, and Archived Project. Project managers and owners are able to manage Projects, while translators and reviewers are only able to open Projects to work on the documents.

Each Project is represented by a card that displays the Project name, status, language pair, due date, and word count. Project cards display the most relevant information about the Project, so you can quickly see the status of all your Projects. Mouse over the ? icons to view additional information about a Project.

  • The green bar at the bottom represents the translation percent complete, and the blue bar represents the review percent complete.
  • If any documents have been assigned to linguists, the number of assignments and number of assignments accepted are displayed on the Project card above the text translators or reviewers.

The Project actions described throughout the rest of this article are also available from the Jobs List page on the Project cards displayed within each Job card.

  • Open the Project: Click the name field or the Open button to navigate into Project View page, where all the Project tasks and settings are located.
  • Change the Project's state: Click on the Project's state
    to open a dropdown menu where you can change the Project state to Ready to start, In progress, In review, or Done. Changing a Project's state to Done does the following:
    • Updates the Job card delivered stat.
    • Triggers any connectors used by your organization to transfer content from Lilt to the connected platform.
    • Moves the Project from the Active Projects page to the Delivered Projects page. Projects on Delivered Projects page can be moved back to the Active Projects page by changing the Project state to something other than Done.

  • Additional actions: The dropdown menu on the far-right of the Project card has various actions available to quickly manage a Project. These options are discussed in the sections below.

Click Assign to assign all the documents within the project to a translator or reviewer. Note: You will be directed to the project page with all the Document cards preselected.

Click Deliver to bring up a window where you can send an email to notify the necessary people of Project delivery. After submitting the email, the Project's state will be automatically set to Done, moving it to the Delivered projects page.

Click Archive to move the Project from the Active projects page to the Archived projects page. Archived Projects will remain visible on the Jobs list page.

Archiving Projects allows you to keep your Projects list clean from Projects that aren’t currently being worked on. The benefit of archiving over deleting is that archiving keeps the Project's TM entries in the associated Lilt Memory (which can be used in other Projects). Projects can be unarchived at any time on the Archived projects page.

Click Download files to download a ZIP file containing the Project's target files.

Click Download memories to download a TMX file of the Project's memory.

Click Delete to bring up a popup that walks you through the permanent deletion of the Project. Deleting a Project will also permanently delete all of that Project’s documents and segments from the Lilt Memory. Deleting a Project will not delete the Lilt Memory associated with the Project. Lilt Memories are managed through the Memories tab.