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Translation Memory Suggestions

Translation Memories (TM) entries are used to provide translation suggestions to linguists working in LILT Translate. When a segment is active in LILT Translate, the associated Translation Memory is checked for TM entries with similar phrases. If any TM entries are found with similar phrases to the segment, the highest matching, most recent TM entry is displayed under the segment as a translation suggestion. The reviewed/unreviewed status of a TM entry does not affect match prioritization.

TM suggestion order

This section provides a quick overview to TM match ordering. For a detailed explanation, see the Data Source Memory Matching article.

TM entries are suggested as follows:

Prioritization order

Prioritization method



Match percent

TM entries with higher match percents are prioritized over TM entries with lower match percents. For example, a TM entry that is a 100% match is prioritized over a TM entry that is a 95% match.



More recently updated TM entries are prioritized over entries that weren't updated as recently based on the TM entry’s modification time.

  • 100% and 101% matches are automatically populated into the target text area (via TM Leveraging), rather than being provided as suggestions.

  • If no matches exist above 75%, LILT provides a Contextual AI suggestion for the target text. If the language pair does not have MT support, no MT suggestion will be shown.

TM difference display

Fuzzy matches (<100%) are shown along with a display of the differences between the TM entry and the source.

Let's look at an example:

  • Segment source text: The hares and the tortoise

  • TM entry: The hare and the tortoise > La liebre y la tortuga

In this case, the TM diff displays the following: The harehares and the tortoise. The TM entry uses hare, while the source uses hares. Any words in the TM suggestion that are missing from the source are underlined. Substitutions from the source are displayed in superscript.

If you do not want to see the TM diff display for the active segment, press Escape to close it. Once closed, you can still access and use the TM suggestion, but the TM diff display (including match percent) will go away. The diff display can be brought back by refreshing the page.

View all TM matches for a segment

If there are multiple suggestions, they can be viewed in the Segment Context pane on the right side of LILT Translate. The Segment context pane displays TM matches sorted in the following order:

  1. Reviewed/unreviewed

  2. Match percent

  3. Most recently updated

Note: The order of TM entries displayed in the Segment context pane is not the same as the TM match order. While the Segment context pane sorts by reviewed/unreviewed status, TM matching ignores reviewed/unreviewed status.

If there are any identical TM entries in the associated Translation Memory, the Segment context pane will display so. Click the identical results dropdown to display the following metadata for each identical TM entry:

  • attributed user

  • timestamp of when the entry was last updated

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