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Amazon Workdocs

This documentation provides an overview and setup instructions for the connector integrating LILT with Amazon WorkDocs. Amazon WorkDocs is a secure, fully managed file storage and sharing service designed for enterprise use, emphasizing user productivity through robust administrative controls and feedback mechanisms. By leveraging this connector, users can seamlessly integrate LILT's translation services with Amazon WorkDocs, enabling efficient and secure management of translation workflows directly within their cloud storage environment. Amazon WorkDocs securely stores files in the cloud, making them accessible only to the owner and explicitly authorized contributors and viewers. This ensures privacy within an organization, as users cannot access others' files without permission. The integration facilitates a streamlined workflow where documents stored in Amazon WorkDocs can be automatically sent to LILT for translation and then received back and stored securely, enhancing productivity and collaboration across global teams.

Accounts for Testing and Demonstrations

For integration and testing purposes, it's necessary to use an IAM (Identity and Access Management) user with read/write permissions to your Amazon WorkDocs instance. Detailed guidance on setting this up is available in the Amazon WorkDocs API documentation.

Setup and Configuration

In the Partner App:

  • Log in as outlined in the Accounts for Testing and Demonstrations section.

  • Select or create folders for pulling content into LILT for translation, storing translated documents, and optionally, moving processed documents to avoid duplication.

In Connector Configuration and Account:

  • Obtain the API Key from the LILT user interface, ensuring it is valid.

  • WorkDocs Access Key ID and Secret Access Key should be provided by the customer through an IAM user with WorkDocs access.

  • Specify the AWS region name as provided by the customer.

  • Use the specific Folder Ids for source content and target folders for translated documents, as detailed in the partner app section.

  • Set WorkDocs Max Depth to define how deep to search for content within directories, with a default of 2.

  • Optionally, specify a Processed Folder Id where files will be moved post-processing to avoid duplication. Without this, the connector uses a "Last Check" flag to manage content duplication.

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