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LILT + Drupal connector enables companies to automatically push and pull content between Drupal and LILT. This saves you time by providing seamless localization while letting you continue to work in the systems you know.

Our integration with Drupal allows LILT to send completed translation projects right back into Drupal so that translated content is ready to be published. The Drupal connector is an app based connector. Job submission and management is controlled inside the Drupal interface; everything is handled inside the TMGMT interface.


At a high level, the installation steps are as follows:

  1. Install the TMGMT module.

  2. Install the TMGMT LILT Provider module.

  3. Enable the modules.

  4. Configure the LILT Provider module.

Drupal supports installing modules directly in the admin interface. The package installation procedure is detailed here.

1. Log in to the admin interface.

2. Go to Extend>Install New Module.

3. Enter the package URL that you want to install and click Install.

Two packages will need to be installed. Perform the installation procedure described above for the following two packages.

  1. TMGMT

  2. TMGMT LILT Provider

Use these links in the installations steps described above.

Enable packages

Once the packages are installed, go to the modules overview page, enable the Translation Management packages, then click Install.

Configure LILT provider

1. Go to the Translation > Providers page.

2. On the LILT provider entry, click the Edit button.

3. Enter the LILT API Key, and click Save. Note: the URLs will default to the correct values, and the remaining values are optional.


Once the connector is configured, content is moved between LILT and Drupal as outlined in the sections below.

Job submission

1. Navigate to Translation>Sources.

2. Select the content and languages you want, request translation, and complete the checkout form (including due date and data source / memory selection). When a job is submitted, the projects will show up in LILT right away.

Job progress and completion

1. Navigate to Translation>Jobs to view a list of all current jobs.

2. Find the desired job and click Manage to open the job.

3. Click Pull Translations to pull in completed translations into Drupal. For content to be returned, the projects must be marked as Done in LILT.

4. Click Review to preview the translation.

5. Click Save to complete. The translation will be published once it is completed.

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