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LILT + easyDITA connector enables companies to automatically push and pull content between easyDITA and LILT. This saves you time by providing seamless localization while letting you continue to work in the systems you know.

Watch this 3-minute overview to see what LILT + easyDITA can do for you. 🎥


Within easyDITA, create a new user and provide its login credentials to your contact at LILT.


Once the connector is configured, content is moved between LILT and easyDITA as outlined in the sections below.

Project creation

In easyDITA, open the action menu on the file you want to localize and clickLocalization Jobs. Click XLIFF Package in the top-right and click Go. Add the desired target locales and click Save. This queues the content for localization.

LILT periodically checks easyDITA for new content queued for localization. When new content is found, it is automatically pulled into LILT as new Projects where the content can be translated.

Project completion

LILT periodically checks for Projects marked as Done. When found, the localized content is automatically sent back to easyDITA.

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