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LILT + Helpshift Connector

The LILT + Helpshift connector enables support teams to automate the translation process for customer chat messages within Helpshift. This integration simplifies the localization of support interactions, ensuring that customer support is seamless and linguistically inclusive, no matter the customer's language.

Submission via Helpshift

Creating or updating a chat message in Helpshift automatically sends the content to LILT for translation, allowing real-time interactions with customers in their native languages.

Translation Method

Users can select between two types of translation workflows for messages:

  • Instant Translation: Messages are instantly translated using LILT's AI, facilitating immediate communication with customers.

  • Verified Translation: For sensitive or complex inquiries, messages can be sent to LILT’s professional translators for high-quality, human-reviewed translation.

Delivery to Helpshift

Once a translation job is completed in LILT, the translated content is automatically pushed back into Helpshift, ready to be used in ongoing customer interactions. This ensures that support teams can continue conversations without interruption, maintaining context and quality in customer support.


Onboarding new clients includes a configuration phase where the suitability and specifics of the Helpshift integration are determined. LILT assists in setting up the Helpshift connector according to the client's requirements.


  • Project Creation: LILT automatically detects new content in Helpshift needing translation and creates translation projects.

  • Project Completion: LILT checks for completed translation projects and pushes the translated content back to Helpshift in its original format.


The system does not continuously monitor for new content; it checks periodically based on a pre-set schedule established during the setup of the connector.

Key Benefits

  • Speed and Efficiency: Instant Translation allows for real-time communication, essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • Quality Assurance: Verified Translation ensures that complex or sensitive communications are accurately translated by professional linguists.

  • Seamless Integration: The connector works natively with Helpshift, allowing customer support teams to operate within a familiar system without the need to switch between platforms.

This integration empowers organizations to provide superior and inclusive customer support, bridging language barriers effortlessly and efficiently.

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