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LILT + Intercom connector enables companies to automatically push and pull Help Center content between Intercom and LILT. This saves you time by providing seamless localization while letting you continue to work in the systems you know.

The connector supports:

  • Submission via Intercom: Select one or many Intercom Help Center Sections, Collections, or Articles to send to LILT for localization.

  • Deliver to Intercom: LILT delivers localized content to Intercom as a multilingual article.


At a high level, the installation steps are as follows:

  1. Create a new Intercom App.

  2. Provide LILT with Intercom credentials (authorization token + client ID).

  3. Define the target languages to be localized.

To set up your LILT + Intercom connector:

  1. Add LILT as a New app within the Intercom Developer Hub. This can be accomplished by navigating to Profile>Settings>Developers>Developer Hub and clicking the New app button. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will name the app "LILT Connector".

  2. Provide LILT with your Intercom Client ID and Intercom Access Token.

    • The Client ID can be located in the LILT App by navigating to Profile>Settings>Developers>Developer Hub>LILT Connector>Basic.

    • The access token can be located in the newly created LILT App by navigating to Profile>Settings>Developers>Developer Hub>LILT Connecor>Authentication. Your Intercom Access Token will be listed under the Access token section.

  3. Add the target languages to be localized. This can be accomplished in Intercom by heading to Articles>Help Center>Settings>Localize your Help Center.

  4. By default, the connector will localize all Intercom Help Center Collections. If you want to localize certain Collections, provide LILT with the Collection IDs for those Collections. To locate a Collection ID, open the Collection and copy the 7-digit ID from the URL bar.


Once the connector is configured, content is automatically moved between LILT and Intercom as outlined in the sections below.

Project creation

LILT periodically checks for new articles that have been published in any Intercom Help Center Collections that LILT is tracking. When articles move to a published state, the content is automatically pulled into LILT for localization. The connector creates one LILT project per language pair.

Project completion

Once content has been localized in LILT, the target content is delivered back to Intercom Help Center. Each localized article can be found within the article editor. From the article editor, the target article can be previewed and published.

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