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Find & Replace

The Find and Replace sidebar tool in LILT Translate allows linguists to quickly locate phrases in the source text and target text of documents in a Project. Once located, these phrases can be replaced as desired. This is a useful tool for maintaining consistency across a Project.

Click the magnifying glass icon on the sidebar to open the Find and Replace tool, or use hotkeys to open directly into Find mode (Mac:  + F; Windows: Ctrl + F) or Replace mode (Mac:  + H; Windows: Ctrl + H).


To find a word or phrase in a document or Project:

  1. Type at least one character in the search field.

  2. Select any optional parameters for the search:

    • Whole words: If enabled, LILT only searches for whole word matches. If not enabled, LILT searches for partial word matches.

    • Case-sensitive: If enabled, LILT only searches for matches with matching case. If not enabled, case differences are ignored.

    • Search across an entire Project: If enabled, LILT searches through all the Project's documents that you have access to. If not enabled, LILT searches only in the current document.

  3. Click the Find button to display a list of search results, including a count of how many results were found for each document searched.

Click the All, Source, or Target buttons to filter which result types are displayed.

Within each result, the search term is highlighted. Click a search result to bring the segment into focus in the editor.

When searching an entire Project, segment results are grouped by document. This is especially useful to make sure you only replace phrases within the desired documents.


To replace text, make sure the Replace with field is visible. The Replace with field can be toggled by clicking the dropdown button next to the Search word or phrase field.

Once you have clicked the Find button to search for text, type text into the Replace with field to preview the replacement text in all the matching segments.

Click the Replace all button to replace the phrase across the entire document or Project, or click any of the Replace target buttons next to a segment to replace the phrase in only that segment.

Note that phrases are not replaced in locked segments; phrases are only replaced in unconfirmed, confirmed, and accepted segments. In addition, phrases cannot be replaced in source text.

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