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In-Context Preview

In-Context Preview is a feature of Lilt Translate that allows linguists to preview all confirmed or accepted segments of a document as formatted text. This allows linguists to quickly check for and fix formatting issues. It also allows linguists to view the target text in the context of its neighboring segments without the accompanying source text.

Watch this video to get an overview of how In-Context Preview works:

Preview mode

To open In-Context Preview in Lilt Translate, click the View tab and select Preview mode (shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+P).

Once open, the in-context document preview displays the translated content with paragraph and HTML formatting.

Preview mode actions

  • View source segment: To view the source content of a segment, click on the segment to open its TM entry in the Segment context sidebar.
  • Edit a segment: Double-click on a segment to be taken back to segment edit mode with the selected segment brought into focus.
  • Exit preview mode: Click View>Preview mode to return to segment edit mode.

Supported HTML formatting

The table below lists the supported formatting types alongside their respective HTML tags. Unsupported formatting will show in plain text in preview mode.

Formatting TypeHTML Tags
Boldb, strong
Italici, em
Line breakbr
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