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Translating Documents

Translate has a range of tools that provide a streamlined workflow for document translators. This article outlines the workflow and tools available to translators using LILT.

Before a translator can access and begin working on a document, a project manager needs to assign the translator to the document. A translator can then accept the document assignment and begin translating.

Translating documents

When a translator opens a document, it will load LILT Translate in Translate mode. The Translate mode interface is the same editor used for Review, but with a few slight differences, as described in the Introduction to LILT Translate article.

The role of a translator is to translate all the segments of a document. The various tools and features (as described in the Introduction to LILT Translate article) all come together to create an efficient translation workflow. The most important tools for translators to know are the segment editor, quality assurance tools, and hotkeys.

After a translator has translated a segment, they click Confirm in the bottom-right of the segment to indicate that the segment has been translated. Once confirmed, the segment can be unconfirmed in if it needs to be edited. Note: Once a segment has been accepted in Review mode, that segment can no longer be edited in Translate mode.

Translating documents example

Translators can add comments to a segment if they have questions or want to add notes.

To learn about who is given authorship for a segment's translation, see the Data Source Memory Matching article.

Marking the document as done in Translate mode

When all segments in a document have been confirmed by the translator, a Mark as done popup will appear, allowing the translator to mark that the document has been completed in Translate mode.

Mark as done popup

If a manager requires Batch QA checks for translators, the translator will need to run Batch QA (which runs a QA check on all the document's segments) before the document can be marked as done.

Documents can also be marked as done from the File tab.


Mark as done from File tab

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