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Split & Merge Segments

LILT Translate contains functionality to easily split and merge segments, allowing linguists to organize a document's segments as they see best.

When a document is uploaded, LILT processes the source text into segments in a way that aims to maximize the quality of AI-generated translations. While segments can range in length from a paragraph to a one word header, quality tends to degrade with sentence length, so LILT prefers shorter segments. The segmenter can sometimes make mistakes, but these mistakes can be corrected afterward by manually splitting or merging segments.

The split and merge tools can be accessed at any time by clicking on the Segment editing tools button within the segment you want to edit.

Confirmed segments cannot be split or merged. To perform these actions with a confirmed segment, you need to first unconfirm the segment.

Splitting a segment

1. Click the Split segment button to bring up the split segment tool. This tool displays as a vertical marker within the segment.

2. Drag and drop the vertical marker to set the split position. All content before the marker will be kept in the current segment. All content after the marker will be split into a new segment inserted after the current segment.

3. Once the vertical marker is where you want it, click the check mark in the bottom-right to split the segment. You can also cancel by clicking on the X button in the top-right.

Merging segments

Click the Merge with next segment button to merge the current segment with the segment below it.

Note that LILT does not allow merging of segments that are:

  • from different paragraphs in the source text

  • from two different cells in a spreadsheet

  • two different trans-units in XLIFF files

  • already confirmed (to rectify, unconfirm the segments, merge them, and then re-confirm)

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