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Lilt Translate is designed with a range of keyboard shortcuts that enable linguists to operate the editor entirely from the keyboard. Mastering these hotkeys will help linguists save time when processing documents.

Hotkeys work across all languages. However, some hotkeys may not always be available for a given document. For example:

  • If the language pair doesn't have Contextual AI support, Lilt does not generate suggestions, meaning the autocompletion hotkeys will not be available.
  • If the document does not have any tags, the tag hotkeys will not be available.

Options that are unavailable are grayed out in the header toolbar.

⭐ = most important hotkeys to know

Text operations

ActionMac hotkeyWindows hotkey
Insert highlighted phrase suggestionReturnEnter

Select next phrase suggestionShift+TabShift+Tab
Insert full suggestionShift+ReturnShift+Enter

Toggle case of selected target textShift+F3Shift+F3

Insert non-breaking space+Shift+SpaceCtrl+Shift+Space

Insert line breakOption+EnterAlt+Enter

Copy source to target+ICtrl+I

Insert right to left marker+KCtrl+K

Insert left to right marker+LCtrl+L

Undo last change+ZCtrl+Z

Text navigation

ActionMac hotkeyWindows hotkey

Move cursor one character forwardRightRight

Move cursor one character backwardLeftLeft

Move cursor one word forwardOption+RightCtrl+Right

Move cursor one word backwardOption+LeftCtrl+Left

Select character forwardShift+RightShift+Right

Select character backwardShift+LeftShift+Left

Select word forwardOption+Shift+RightCtrl+Shift+Right

Select word backwardOption+Shift+LeftCtrl+Shift+Left

Segment actions

ActionMac hotkeyWindows hotkey
Confirm/unconfirm segment+ReturnCtrl+Enter

Go to next unconfirmed/unaccepted segment+DownCtrl+Down

Go to previous unconfirmed/unaccepted segment+UpCtrl+Up

Go to next segment+Option+DownCtrl+Alt+Down

Go to previous segment+Option+UpCtrl+Alt+Up

Open commentsCtrl+Shift+MCtrl+Alt+M


ActionMac hotkeyWindows hotkey

Select next tag1+]Ctrl+]

Select previous tag2+[Ctrl+[

Select matching tag (in a tag pair)Option+ShiftAlt+Shift

Move selected tag one word left (if character-based language, moves 5 characters left)M or HM or H

Move selected tag one character left, or J, or J

Move selected tag one character right. or K. or K

Move selected tag one word right (if character-based language, moves 5 characters right)/ or L/ or L

German keyboard hotkeys:

  • 1Select next tag: Ctrl+Alt+9
  • 2Select previous tag: Ctrl+Alt+8


ActionMac hotkeyWindows hotkey

Open Concordance+Option+CCtrl+Alt+C

Open find & replace+HCtrl+H

Open form to Add New TerminologyOption+AAlt+A

Toggle preview modeCtrl++PCtrl+Shift+P

Close TM diff viewEscEsc

Quality assurance

ActionMac hotkeyWindows hotkey

Run full Auto ReviewF7F7

Run batch Auto ReviewF9F9
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