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Instant Translate Documents

LILT has an Instant Translate Document feature that allows for easy batch translation of multiple documents (of the same source language) at the same time using LILT’s Contextual AI Engine. This tool is convenient when you want to quickly translate content without having to commit to using a dedicated translator and reviewer.

To access Instant Translate, navigate to the Translate > Text/Documents

This will bring you to the Instant Translate page.

Instant Translate Documents

  1. Select the desired source language and a target language. Note: Same language translation—from en-US to en-GB, for example—is not supported.

  2. Optionally, click the Advanced button and select a specific Model to use for translation.

  3. Upload one or more documents with the same source language. There are several options for uploading documents.

    • Drag and drop files into the interface.

    • Click the Upload files button to browse files on your computer.

    • Click the Upload a directory button to select an entire folder of documents to upload.

    • File limitations:

      • Each batch translation can contain at most 200 MB of documents.

      • Supported File Types.

      • Only one source language can be processed at a time. If any documents are uploading that uses a language different from the selected source language, the uploaded document will show an error: “Source language doesn’t match”.

  4. After adding documents, LILT will work to upload each of the documents.

  5. Once all documents have been successfully upload, the text “Uploading finished” is displayed in the bottom-left with a check mark icon.

  6. After all documents have finished uploading, click the Translate button to begin translating the documents. LILT will work to translate each of the documents.

  7. Once the documents have started translating, LILT will add a link in the notification area that you can use to return to Instant Translate at any time. While the documents are translating, you can navigate away from the translation tool and use other parts of the LILT Platform. LILT does not send a notification when the files are ready, so you can use the original notification link to periodically check up on the translation status.

  8. Translated documents are displayed with a green check mark and can be downloaded individually using the Download button.

  9. Once all documents are translated, the progress indicator in the bottom-left will display that all files have been translated successfully, and you will now be able to use the Download All button to download the documents all at once as a ZIP file.

  10. In addition, when any number of documents are selected, click the Send for verified translation button to create a new Job with the selected documents. The Job will be filled with the raw, untranslated documents.

  11. To start a new batch translation job, click on the Start over button in the bottom-left.

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