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Segment Comments

Lilt Translate is equipped with an easy-to-use comment system for translators and reviewers. Comments are intended to help explain or accompany direct changes to segments rather than dictate changes to the translation itself. This comment system facilitates organized and efficient communication to save everyone time while processing documents. This article discusses ways that translators and reviewers can make the most of the Lilt comment system.

Comment scope

Comment data is only accessible from the document and Project the comment was made in. Comment data is not added to the translated content as any kind of metadata. To share comment information outside a Project, a manager can download and share the Project's Revision Report.

Comments in Translate mode

In Translate mode, comments can be added to any segment by clicking the Add note button next to the desired segment.

Translators can utilize segment comments to communicate with reviewers and managers, add notes, make to-do lists, and create reminders. If there are multiple translators, comments can be used as a space for discussion among translators.

Multiple comments can be made on one segment and are kept in a thread, allowing you to see the entire comment history.

Comments can contain clickable URLs. As an example, sometimes you may want to link to web pages with term definitions.

If a segment has any comments, it will display the number of comments on the Add note button so it’s easy to tell which segments need attention.

If your comment is about an issue that has been resolved, you can click the Resolve button

to remove your comment from the thread.

If you need to edit or delete your comment, you can bring up those options by clicking the More actions button on the comment.

Error flagging in Review mode

In Review mode, reviewers can flag any segment as having an error by clicking the "Add/View errors" button.

To add an error, the reviewer will need to select an error category, sub-category, severity, and enter a comment about the error. Once completed, click the "Add" button.

Please note: If the organization setting for Error Logging is turned on, error logging is mandatory when a reviewer changes anything in the target segment. Please reference the Organization Settings page for more information. 

Error categories: Accuracy; Linguistic Conventions; Terminology; Style; Design; Locale convention; Audience appropriateness; Source

Error sub-categories:

  • Accuracy: Addition, Omission, Mistranslation, Over-translation, Under-translation, Untranslated, Improper TM match, Do not translate
  • Linguistic Conventions: Punctuation, Spelling, Grammar, Inconsistency, Character encoding, Unintelligible
  • Terminology: Inconsistent with termbase, Inconsistent use of terminology, Wrong term
  • Style: Awkward, Company style, Inconsistent style, Third-party style, Unidiomatic, Language register, Inconsistent with external reference
  • Design: Local formatting, Markup, Missing text, Truncation/text expansion, Link/cross reference, Character formatting, Layout

  • Locale Convention: Address format, Date format, Currency format, Measurement format, Shortcut key, Telephone format, Number format, Time format

  • Audience appropriateness: Culture Specific Reference, Offensive
  • Source: Source error

Error Severities: Critical, Major, Minor, Neutral, Kudos, and Repeated Error

If your error flag is about an issue that has been resolved, you can click the Resolve button to remove your error flag from the thread. 

If you need to edit or delete your error flag, you can bring up those options by clicking the More actions button on the comment.

If a segment has any error flags, it will display the number of error flags on the Add/View errors button so it’s easy to tell which segments need attention.

Errors are compiled into a Revision Report that is delivered to the translators at the end of the project. The report displays the source text and target text so translators can learn from errors made during the project.

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