When a Project is complete, you can use the delivery options to download the Project's data and send out email notifications that the Project has been completed.

The delivery options are found on the Project View on the Delivery page:

Project TMX

Clicking the Project TMX button generates a TMX file for you to download containing the translation data for the entire project.

Project ZIP

Clicking the Project ZIP button generates a ZIP file of the project for you to download. The file contains the most current translations for all project documents (whether or not the translations have been reviewed).

Deliver project

When it comes time to notify a client that a project has been completed, you have the option to email them directly through the Lilt application. Clicking the Deliver button brings up a popup form where you can craft this email. The popup form can also be accessed from the Projects List page.

The popup form has two fields:

  1. Deliver To (mandatory): Enter the recipients of the email. After entering an email address, press Enter or Tab to begin adding an additional email address.
  2. Message (optional): Include a customized message to the recipients.

Clicking the Send button will:

1. Change the Project's state from Active to Done, moving it from the Active projects page to the Delivered projects page.

2. Send the recipients an email from info@lilt.com. The email lets them know the project is complete and provides an overview of the project. The email displays the number of documents, number of segments, and languages of the project:

Note: the email does not include any project files.

Delivering content

There are several ways that completed translation content can be delivered to its target destination:

  1. Manually download the content from Lilt and send them to where they need to go.
  2. Utilize one of the available Integrations to send content directly between Lilt and the connected application.
  3. Use the Lilt API to build your own custom delivery solution.